Lysol was looking to rollout a new commercial.

We thought it would be a good idea to continue the story they started with their “Protect Like a Mother” campaign.

Mother’s have always had a natural instinct when it comes to protecting us from unseen dangers.

How do we show them that they’ve passed that instinct down to us and that we too will make great protectors one day?

Concept - Alexander Robinson

Creative Director (Copywriter) - Neil McOstrich

Copywriter - Alexander Robinson

Agency - Cleansheet Communications


Like Mother, like Daughter

1 x 30 TV 

Opening scene: A young woman is prepping a dinner when we hear the doorbell ring.

Daughter: Mom! Dad! Come in. 

She hugs both of them.

Daughter: So, what do you think?

Mom: Are there batteries in the smoke detector? 

Daughter: Yes.

Mom: The food! Did you check on the food?

…cut to…

Inside the kitchen the daughter is distributing the food onto plates.

A bit of chicken hits the counter. 

The mom instinctively reacts to this, but so does her daughter who calmly reaches under the kitchen sink and grabs her Lysol Wipes. 

 Daughter:  I got this!

The mother watches and her look of worry slowly melts away to one of quiet pride.

ANNOUNCER:  Lysol Disinfectant Wipes… They’ve always wiped out 99.9% of germs. 

 The Mom and daughter exchange a glance. 

ANNOUNCER:  …who knew they wiped out worry too?

Product shot

ANNOUNCER: Lysol. What it takes to protect.